Toddler Gifts – They will enjoy for years

Toddler Gifts Years of Fun

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Toddler Gifts for Years of Fun

Buying a toddler gift can be a lot of fun.  There are so many cool things for kids now-a-days.  I could spend a long time strolling down the toy isles at Target or on Amazon just looking at fun things for my little ones.  However, I always look for something that will be enjoyed for a long time rather than just a few weeks or months.  No one likes things that just sit there taking up space in the house that no one is using.  Our toddler received the following gifts when she was a year and a half to two years old that she still plays with to this day.  Here are some gifts your toddler will enjoy for years.

Toddler Gifts they will enjoy for years

Great Gift Ideas For Toddlers

1. Tea Set

Our daughter received this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set as a gift for her second birthday. We love to play with it because the tea pot sings different songs, teaches manners like “more, please”, and makes a pouring sound when tilted.  The different treats the set comes with can help your toddler practice shapes and colors as well.  We also have plates from a dinnerware set her cousins handed down and a basket to store everything in.  She like to carry around the “picnic basket” to different places for a tea party and it’s really nice to keep everything together.Toddler Gift Tea Set

2. Purse

Our daughters love the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse.  She stores her sunglasses and all her accessories, puts her monkey in the stroller, and “goes to the store” just like a big girl!  It is great to store all of her toy accessories in one place.  The purse sings and teaches things like counting, colors, opposites, and more.  The purse also has different age levels to increase the difficulty as your child grows.

Toddler Gift Purse

3. Stroller

How cute it this Umbrella Doll Stroller – My First Doll Stroller for Kids, Foldable Carriage with Swivel Wheels and Handles?  This one is the updated version of the one we currently have.  The only issue is our daughter likes to try to ride in it herself when it’s meant for a baby doll or toy!  This caused the seat to rip, but lucky for us my mom added some patches where it kept ripping and we have not had a problem since.Toddler Gift Stroller

4. Slide

This Little Tikes First Slide is a lot of fun and at a great price.  It also gets a lot of use in our house.  This slide has had cars, dolls, and stuffed animals side down it as well children.  It can hold up to 60 lbs, can be indoor or outdoor, and is light enough to move around.  The description says it can fold up easily; however, we have never done so since it’s used just about every day.  I have noticed it needs to be on carpet or grass so it will not move around when our toddler slides down.

Toddler Gift Slide

5. Basket Ball Hoop

My husband purchased this Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set for our toddler.  When she first got it, she loved it and played with it every day.  But she stopped playing with it and we couldn’t figure out why.  Until one day, my husband adjusted the height to make it taller.  Now, she loves it again!  I guess it was just not challenging enough for her at the initial height.  It has a great footprint and fits in the corner of our toy room nicely.  Our daughter gets so excited when she gets the ball in the hoop.  It is a lot of fun to watch.  The basketballs it comes with also double as her soccer balls which she plays with in our front yard.

Toddler Gift Basketball Hoop 

6. Table and chairs

This little table and chairs set is so cute. We received it as a birthday present and use it every day.  It lives in our toy room (formal living room) and fits great in front of the window.  The table has some storage shelves that hold small toys.  Also, the chairs are sturdy enough to hold toddlers and adults.  I don’t feel like they are going to fall apart even when I sit in them!  We use this table for a play area for toys, crafts, games, and “school” worksheets.

Toddler Gift Table and Chairs


7. Couch

This Elmo couch has been a big hit with our oldest.  She loves to sit on it, hide under it, lay on it, jump on it, and somersault on it.  It is light enough for her to pick up, flip over, and move around the room.  When she isn’t using it, I sit all of her large stuffed animals on it.  I know she will enjoy it for years to come.Toddler Gift Elmo Couch


8. Tent with tunnel

We actually have 2 different tents with tunnels because our little one loves them so much. This tent with tunnel comes with 2 different areas connected with a tunnel.  It also can be separated so you don’t have to have everything up at the same time.  A storage bag also comes with the set, but I can only seem to fit the tunnel back into the bag.  The side of the tent has a full mesh side and a partial mesh side.  Our daughter likes to lay in the tent and watch TV through the mesh.   Toddler Gift Tent and Tunnel Set

9. Bilibo

The Bilibo is something I had never seen before my husband bought one.  It is a very unique toy and a great toddler gift.  The description says “Stimulating creativity and open-ended play for kids ages 2+”.  Our daughter has sat on it, sat in it, used it as a helmet, and used it to catch cars as they went down a slide.  It is amazing seeing what uses your child can come up with for this toy/seat.

Toddler Gift Bilibo

10. Stacking Cups

We received these stacking and nesting cups when our oldest was a less than a year old.  They have been great for a lot of different uses.  We use them to stack, sort colors, sort shapes, and learn animals (each cup has a different animal face on the bottom).  And our toddler always loves to knock down the tower when Mommy stacks it up.

Toddler Gift Stacking Cups

Toddler Gifts
Toddler gifts
Toddler Gifts
Toddler Gifts

What is your favorite toddler gift on this list?  Do you have another toy you or your toddler love?

Toddler Gifts for Years
Amazing Toddler Gifts
Unique Toddler Gift Ideas


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