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Simple ways to make the most of your diaper bag

Are you the woman everyone turns to when they need something like a hair band, bobby pin, or a battery to charge their phone?  This is for you. Some may call it over-packing, I call being ultra-prepared!  I was always ultra-prepared with my purse, and now I am with my diaper bag too.

There are SO many diaper bags out there.  Here are the things I looked for, what I pack in my diaper bag (plus the EPIC checklist), and some great tools to organize your bag.  

What to look for in a diaper bag


When I was pregnant and working on my baby registry, I talked to a bunch of different moms about what type of diaper bag to register for.  I talked to a mom of twins and a few moms with multiple children at different ages.  They all said the same thing – you should get a backpack diaper bag.

There are some great benefits of a backpack diaper bag.  Some of these benefits include not having to worry about it falling off your shoulder, the weight is evenly distributed on your back, and it is great for the super prepared mom who likes to pack all of the essentials.


Simple features that make a big impact

  • Changing pad
  • Mommy pocket for my stuff
  • Stroller straps
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to ware
  • A color the husband wouldn’t mind carrying
  • A light colored liner to make it easy to see the bottom of the bag
  • 2 side pockets for bottles or drinks

Amazing first bag for one baby

Skip Hop diaper bag backpack

This is the diaper bag I used with our first child and it worked out great.  It had all the features I was looking for and had great ratings on Amazon.  This diaper bag comes with 2 packing cubes that fit into the front pocket.  One cube is insulated and one is mesh. I only used these cubes in the diaper bag a few times.  Instead, I use the front pocket as a mommy pocket for my wallet.

The best features are:

  • All of the features I was looking for at the time
  • Great ratings on Amazon
  • The stroller straps were attached so I wouldn’t lose them
  • Easily cleaned with a wipe or rag
  • Fit everything I wanted to carry

The quest to find a bag for a mom of two

When our second baby arrived, I needed something with a little more room.  I needed to pack for a toddler in diapers and a newborn.  So I began to search for the perfect bag for two little lovelies.  I looked at a ton of different diaper bags but either chose not to get them based on their descriptions and reviews or I tested them and ended up returning them.  I have listed those bags below with the reasons why they worked or didn’t work.

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F.

There are a lot of things I really like about this bag

  • Has both backpack straps and a messenger strap option.
  • It has a great mommy pocket
  • Machine washable
  • “Crumb drains”

However, the issues I had with this bag ended up meaning it was not the best option for me for the following reasons

  • Shorter than my Skip Hop bag
  • Straps didn’t feel like there was enough cushion
  • Couldn’t fit everything I wanted to carry
  • Stroller straps are sold separately
  • Expensive

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

I thought this bag would be the perfect solution for all the things I wanted to fit with both kids.  I watched videos, read reviews, and even tried to find one in a store near me.  The closest store near me that carried this bag was downtown in the city.  I don’t really like going down to the city, especially with two kids.  So I ordered it from Amazon!  I was so excited when it came and I packed it right away.   I realized it was not going to work the first time I used it.

What I really like about this bag

  • Large
  • Lots of pockets for organizing
  • Machine washable
  • Huge mommy pocket

The issues I found with this bag

  • I thought it would hold a lot more than it did
  • All the weight was now only on one shoulder
  • I had to buy the stroller straps separately
  • Expensive

Jeep Backpack – Grey/Pink

I found this bag at Target.  I found one thing I liked about it.

  • This backpack had so many pockets.

However, there were a few things I didn’t like about it.

  • One of the side pockets is open for wipes.  Great when you need wipes, but what do you do with it when you no longer need wipes but still need a diaper bag?
  • The other side pocket limits the height of what it can be used for because it has a zipper
  • The front pocket doesn’t have enough room for my wallet
  • There was no way to attach it to a stroller that only has one handle
  • Overall, the bag isn’t big enough for everything I wanted to pack
  • The bag was a little heavy

Ergobaby Out For Adventure Diaper Bag 

There are some great things about this bag.

  • The straps have a lot of cushion,
  • Comes with stroller hooks, and
  • Has metal feet on the bottom
  • I like the light color

However, there are a few things that caused this bag to not work for me.

  • Front pocket not big enough for my wallet
  • Can’t hold everything I want it to
  • Because the side pockets have a zipper, it limits what can be stored in it.

 JJ Cole Caprice Tri-Stitch Diaper Bag

I liked the look of this bag so much I thought the weight wouldn’t bee THAT bad on one shoulder.  So I put a few of my things in it at the store.  It was WAY too heavy and I hadn’t put all my things in it yet.

Some things I liked about it were

  • Changing pad pocket on the outside
  • Stylish
  • Large side pockets
  • Large on the inside

Other things I noticed I didn’t really like.

  • Front pocket just barely fit my wallet
  • The stroller straps seem a little difficult to use
  • Was not a backpack style
  • Doesn’t appear to be machine washable

DadGear Regen 30L Backpack Diaper Bag

I even looked at this bag.  These bags are really cool for Dad’s but it didn’t work for me.

Some great things about this bag

  • A diaper “Hammock”  that keeps diapers at the top of the bag
  • Light color inside
  • Stroller straps are included

The things that didn’t work for me

  • The front pocket wouldn’t fit my wallet (again)
  • It wouldn’t fit the essentials my other bag fit
  • The changing pad is washable, but nowhere does the company say the bag is machine washable

And the winner is….!!!

Diaper Bag Backpack with Baby Stroller Straps by HYBLOM

I had given up.  For at least 6 months, I continued to use the Skip Hop and had it packed FULL to the brim.  But then for Christmas, my husband got me this diaper bag and I absolutely LOVE IT!

This best things about this bag are

  • Lots of pockets for organizing
  • Straps have a lot of padding
  • Large pocket in the front that I use as a mommy pocket
  • Side pockets are a little bigger than the Skip Hop
  • Less than $50
  • Stroller straps are included
  • Feels very well made
  • Machine Washable (according to the reviews)
  • Amazing reviews on Amazon
  • Backpack straps can be tucked away

How to pack and organize your diaper bag. #diaperbagorganization #bestdiaperbag #backpackdiaperbag

And so the diaper bag quest came to an end.  I am so in love with this bag!  I have had it for 3 months and have not had any issues with it.  Now let me show you how I pack the bag with all of the essentials!

How to pack a diaper bag

What is in my diaper bag

What to pack in a diaper bag for a toddler and a baby

I keep a lot of things in my bag.  Where does it all fit?

Empty bag

Best Backpack Diaper bag for a mom with a toddler and baby

Mommy Pocket

Mommy pocket diaper bag organization

Side Pocket

How to organize a backpack diaper bag

The side pocket for the toddler only holds her water bottle.

Main Pocket

What to pack in your diaper bag with 2 kids

What to pack in your diaper bag with a toddler and baby

What is in my “file system”

File Organizer for diaper bag

Simple ways to organize your diaper bag

These are the best organizers I have found for simple diaper bag organization.  

Formula Holder

I wish I had this with my first baby. 

  • Includes 4 separate compartments that can be taken off if you don’t need all of them. (I keep 2 in the diaper bag for short trips)
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free
  • East pour spout
  • The formula will not get stuck in any corners
  • Can also be used to hold snacks with baby gets older

Snack Holder

There are so many reasons why I like this and I think all moms with toddlers should have one.

  • Clear so it is easy to see snacks
  • Easy to clean
  • Your snacks won’t get crushed in the diaper bag
  • Can have as many or as few sections as you need
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free & lead-free

Organizer files system  

It is like a filing system for your diaper bag!

  • Labels that will not come off
  • Mesh on the front of each bag to see what is inside
  • Easily removed and transferred to another bag
  • Able to separate for individual use
  • Labeled with – Shirts + Socks, Diapers + Wipes, Snacks + Supplies, Lotions + Potions, Me + Mine
        • Labels make it easy for anyone to find things easily in your bag

Wet/Dry Bag

This bag is amazing to keep in the diaper bag.

  • It is great to put dirty clothes and diapers in to keep your bag clean.
  • I love that there are two areas both with a zipper.
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes in all different colors and patterns
  • Inexpensive

Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 Ultra Slim Power Bank

Having this power bank handy has saved me so many times.  If my phone is dying and we are out, I am able to charge without having to go to the car or find an outlet.  It can also charge multiple devices at the same time.  I would definitely have this or something like it in your bag to save you from having a dead phone.  This one is about the same size as my phone, but there are some smaller ones out there.  The smaller ones don’t usually hold as much of a charge.

  • Awesome reviews on Amazon
  • Fast charging
  • Will charge your phone up to 3 times before it needs to be charged itself
  • Slim – I can fit both this and my phone in one pocket while my phone is charging

When looking for and organizing a diaper bag, focusing on the simple features make a big impact.  Things like the amount of cushion on the straps, machine washable, and a large enough mommy pocket were the key features I was looking for in a diaper bag.  Identifying these must-have features is the best way to find a bag that will work for you in the long run.  Also, using simple organizing solutions will help you stay organized and help you find what you need quickly.  Also, check out my Diaper Bag Checklist!  Hopefully, this will help you as much as it helped me with keeping tabs on all of the diaper bag essentials.

Do you keep anything in your diaper bag that I missed?  Please let me know, I would love to hear from you.


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