How To Make A Simple Paper Valentine Craft With Kids

Need a printable Valentine's Day craft? This paper Valentine craft is easy to make and only requires a few supplies. This craft is simple and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It makes a great DIY decoration to get your house ready for the Valentine holiday. Or, your kids can make this cute Valentine craft as a gift for a dad, mom, or grandparent. Help your kids say "I heart you" with this quick and easy Valentine craft! #ValentinesDayCraftIdeas #EasyValentineCraft #PaperValentineCraft

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Are you looking for a simple paper Valentine craft to make with your kids?  Making this craft is a perfect way to let your child practice fine motor skills and following directions.  It can also be used as a beautiful DIY Valentine decoration that kids can actually make.  I hope you enjoy!

Valentine Craft Supplies

Valentine Craft Supplies

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Do you need a Valentine's Day craft for preK? Are you looking for a DIY gift your kids can make a loved one? This is a great craft made with paper that includes a free printable! It is easy to make and only requires a few supplies. It is also an easy idea for a DIY Valentine's Day hanging decoration. While making this craft, your child can use their fine motor skills along with their listening skills. #ValentinesDayCraft #ValentineCraftIdeaforKids #VdayCraftforKids


  1. Print the template
  2. Cut out the circles and heartsCut out the pieces
  3. Have your child color the circles and heartsColor everything
  4. Fold each circle and heart in half with the colored sides togetherFold all the pieces
  5. Starting with the “I” circle and keeping it folded, help your child add glue to half of the back (non-colored side) of one circleGlue first piece
  6. Help your child to attach another folded “I” circle half to the first2 glued together
  7. Repeat with a third “I” circle3 glued together
  8. Next, help your child attach the string to the middle of the attached circles using tape (Attach to the top of the string leaving 4 inches to 6 inches for handing)Tape to string and add glue for the last piece
  9. Finally, help your child attach the fourth “I” circle with glue to complete the “I”Finished with part 1
  10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 with the heart and the “You” circles
  11. If you plan on keeping this craft, be sure to write your child’s name and date it was made (for ways to display your child’s artwork and crafts, take a look at these great ideas)
  12. Hang and enjoy your spinning “I heart You” decoration 

TA-DA! You now have a cute Valentine Craft and DIY Decoration!

I hope you enjoyed making this quick and simple Valentine craft.  This is a great Valentine’s Day DIY idea for kids to decorate the house. Because you only need a few supplies, it helps you entertain and make crafts with your kids without causing you a lot of stress.  

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  2. One of the most fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids can be making Valentine’s Day cards. This simple, easy-to-make beautiful Valentine’s Day card can be made using old wrapping paper and magazines—perfect for teaching kids the value of reusing materials and not wasting resources!

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