Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Kids Can Make


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Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Kids Can Make

For Mother’s day, what do mom’s really want?  Moms just want to feel appreciated and to be told that what they do matters.  To show Mom, Grandma, or Great-Grandma just how special she is, you and your kids can make this cute and unique flower pot craft.

This is the best Mother’s day craft for a last-minute gift idea.  With the FREE PRINTABLE and just a few supplies, you can create an amazing homemade gift for anyone!  Help your kids make a cute flower pot for the special mothers in their lives.

Help your Kids Make a Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft


Flower Pot Craft for Kids Printable

Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft!

The FREE printable craft includes

  • Supplies List
  • Directions
  • A flower your child can color
  • 6 different colored flowers (for kids who don’t like to color)

Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft Supplies

Paper flower craft

Directions to Make Mother's Day Craft

  1. Have your child color the flower and pot (if using non-colored flower) or pick the flower they would like to makePreschool mothers day crafts for kids
  2. Help your child write one of the following on the flower pot
    1. “Thank you (Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma) for all you do!”
    2. “You are the best (Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma), because”
    3. “Things I love about you (Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma)!”
  3. Help your child write down 8 corresponding compliments on the flower peddlespaper mothers day crafts for kids
  4. Cut out all the parts of the flower and the flower potUnique Mothers Day Crafts for Kids
  5. Help your child attach the parts of the flower using the glue or tapeKindergarten handmade mothers day crafts for kids

Finish Up Your Unique Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

To finish your flower pot craft, write your child’s name, the date, and your child’s age on the bottom.  I always try to do this when any craft is made so I can later arrange them in a scrapbook with the correct date.   (Take a look here for  ways to store your kids’ artwork and crafts, take a look here).

Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft!


Done With Your Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Form Child

Making Mom feel special on mother’s day doesn’t need to be hard or take a lot of time.  Thanking her for all she does or telling her all the things you love about her is an amazing Mother’s day gift.  Using a free printable and a few supplies, you and your kids can so mom how much she means to you.

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