Infant Gift Ideas

10 Gift Ideas for Baby's first birthday

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Infant Gifts Wish List

Amazon Wishlists is a great way for family and friends to find gifts for you and your children.  It allows you to create different wish lists of things you would like as gifts.  I have been using these lists for years and they are life savers!  I have one list set up for “Peanut,” our oldest, one for “Sweet Pea,” our youngest, and one for myself.  My husband has one on his Amazon account as well.  The lists can be pulled up by searching for your email address on Amazon Wishlists and are very easy to purchase from.  You can add items to your lists for Christmas, birthdays, or even for a “just because” gift!

Infant Christmas Gift Ideas

Infant Gift Ideas

Our oldest still plays with a lot of the toys on this list even though they are considered to be infant toys.  Also, some of the toys listed are on our youngest’s wish list that have not been purchased, but look like great additions.  I try to stick to the toys that are recommended for 3 months to 1 year for the youngest because she really didn’t play with anything when she was younger.  Our oldest was the same way when she was that young.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.


Awesome first birthday gift ideas

  1. All-in-one Baby Car Toy

    This Taf Toys All in One Baby Car Toy looks like a lot of fun for infants.  Both girls enjoy toys in the car to keep them entertained.  It got great reviews and a lot of solid comments.  I also like that a mirror can still be used to see your beautiful little love from the front seats.  All-in-one Baby Car Toy

  2. Taggies First Baby Doll Toy

    My Mom just bought this Mary Meyer Taggies Baby Doll for our little “Sweet Pea”.  She absolutely loves it.  The little doll is soft, has a sweet face, and is very easy for our little one to hold.  Taggies First Baby Doll Toy

  3. Video Game Controller Teether

    How cute it this Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether?  We do not have this one yet, but it is on our wish list.  My husband loves video games and this is perfect to pass that passion on to the next generation.  And we could get some really cute pictures of our little one “playing video games” with Daddy.  Video Game Controller Teether

  4. Soft Multi-Use Book

    Another item on our wish list is this My First Word Book to Knowing The World.  I put this on “Sweet Pea’s” wish list for a couple of reasons.  It is a book and we are always promoting reading, it is a toy and teether all in one, and it also comes with a 1 month 100% money back guarantee.  You can’t beat that!  We have a first words board book lined up for her, but I feel like she is too young for it.  I would feel better about our youngest playing with a soft book instead.

    Soft Multi-use Book

  5. Easy to Hold Ball

    We love this Oball Toy Ball.  Our oldest likes to roll it around and play with it and our youngest can easily grip it with her cute little baby hands.  It is semi-squishy so I know “Sweet Pea” will not hurt herself and it is easily one of favorite toys right now.Easy to Hold BallEasy Ball for Baby to Hold

  6. Hanging Toy

    This little Lamaze Mortimer The Moose toy is something our oldest picked out for our youngest.  We like to call him “Mr. Moose” and he is being enjoyed by both girls.  Each foot has a different pattern on the bottom and also makes different noises.  Our little one loves the feet and antlers.  She has not yet discovered the rings on the tail or the squeaker in the tummy.    Hanging Moose Toy

  7. Spinning Suction Cup Toy

    We used this Sassy Fishy Fascination Station – 2-in-1 Toy Suction Cup with our “Peanut” when she was young.  She would sit in her Bumbo seat and have something to look at and play with.  This helped her develop her neck and back muscles so she could hold her head up longer.  When she got a little older, I would put the suction cup on her highchair tray while I cooked dinner.  She would be entertained long enough for me to get most of dinner prepared.  For the rest of the time, I would sing and dance around to keep her entertained.

    Spinning Suction Cup Toy

  8. Easy to Grab, Chew, and Rattle Toy

    This Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy, just like the ball above, is easy for our little one to grab and play with.  We received this as a gift for our youngest.  “Sweet Pea” likes to chew on the soft tubes and the middle part even rattles.  It has so many great reviews and has been a great toy all around.Easy to Grab, Chew, and Rattle Toy

  9. Activity Table

    The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table Activity Center  was a huge hit with our oldest.  She received it as a present before she started walking.  It really helped her develop her legs because she loved to pull herself up and stand up to play with the table.  The legs can be removed for babies who are able to sit by themselves.  It has music buttons, ABCs, numbers, shapes, and colors.  Activity Table

  10. First Guitar

    My husband bought this cute Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy for our oldest when she was about 6 months old.  She loved the lights and sounds it made when she was younger and still loves it today.  It plays classical music, the buttons are easy to press, and the part where you “strum” has a rattle with little balls that spin around.  She loves to pretend she is playing a real guitar.

    First Guitar

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What is your favorite on this list?  Do you have another toy you love for babies?

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