How To Maintain A Clean House: Ultimate Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

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Having a cleaning schedule is important

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Before we talk about the importance of a cleaning schedule, let’s quickly talk about what exactly a cleaning schedule is defined as.

5 easy steps to a better cleaning schedule. Create a cleaning schedule unique to your home

Defining a cleaning schedule

According to,

  • cleaning is an act or instance of making clean.
  • clean is free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained, free from foreign or extraneous matter:
  • housecleaning is defined as the act of cleaning a house, room, etc., and its furnishings, especially the act of cleaning thoroughly and completely.
  • a schedule is a plan of procedure, usually written, for proposed objective, especially with reference to the sequence of and time allotted for each item or operation necessary to its completion.

Therefore, a cleaning schedule is a written plan with a series of tasks for the purpose of making clean.  Having an idea of what exactly a cleaning schedule is, reinforces the goal of this schedule.  The goal is to use a written system that will encourage you to clean your home easily and timely.

The importance of a cleaning schedule

Now that we know what a cleaning schedule is, let’s discuss why it is important.  Having a written plan will save you time and brain power since you will be following a list making it harder to forget a task.  I also like to include a small amount of tidying up in my cleaning schedule since a space can easily and quickly be cleaned if kept tidy.   Keeping your home clean and tidy consistently will help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed.  I feel it is hard for my brain to relax if I’m living in a dirty, cluttered home.  My husband feels the same way!

Think about how good it feels to have a clean home right before company arrives.  Having a cleaning schedule will help you feel that way more often.

Having a written cleaning schedule sets yourself up for success as you have a better chance to follow through.  To keep motivated, try to think about how happy and relaxed you are when your home is clean.

Maintaining a cleaning schedule is a time saver

The best way I have found to maintain a cleaning schedule is to clean a little each day.  Breaking down your home into 7 zones (one zone for each day) and focusing on only one zone daily will help you clean almost the entire space each week.  I will talk more about the zones later in this article.

It’s almost too obvious to say, but it is easier to maintain a clean home than it is a dirty one.  For example, when I dust the blinds or ceiling fans each week, I notice it takes very little time and effort.  However, if I dust my blinds and ceiling fans once a month or even every other month, the dust has built up so much that it falls on the floor in a ball causing more work and time to clean it up.  Keeping a clean home might even shorten your cleaning routines depending on what needs to be done in each room.  Think of how awesome it would be to clean for 30 mins instead of an entire day!

Another way a daily cleaning schedule will help you is when you have guests come over.  Since you have been cleaning a little each day, your home should never be overwhelmingly messy.  Before they arrive, all you will need to do is clean and tidy the main areas.  I find that the areas most frequented are usually around the kitchen.  When our house has been cleaned a little each day, I can usually clean for guests in less than an hour.  Have you ever been caught off guard when someone asks, “Hey, can we stop by?”  Now you will not need to panic because your home will be mostly clean due to your awesome daily cleaning routine!

Tips for busy moms


I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing.  “How am I supposed to dedicate my time to clean my home each day when I have a newborn, baby, or toddler?”  After we had our first baby, I couldn’t figure out how to clean our house and keep it clean.  While sitting in my baby’s room surrounded by a cluttered mess, it just came to me like a light bulb turning on.  Separate the cleaning tasks I can do while the baby is playing or while holding the baby from the tasks I need to do when the baby is sleeping or being watched by someone else.  OF COURSE!  It was so simple!

The things I could do while I was with the baby were things like dusting, vacuuming, wiping the counters, and sweeping.  Some of the things I needed to do alone were cleaning the bathrooms, moping, and making the bed.

Tip 2:

Another big struggle with a baby or toddler is to finish cleaning an entire area.  You are in the middle of cleaning and crossing off those tasks on your schedule when your toddler or baby, who was just playing so well 2 seconds earlier, is hungry or needs something from the other side of the house.  You try to get them to “wait for just a second while Mommy finishes cleaning,” but no luck.  Now that space is half finished and you don’t know when you will get back to it.

A cleaning schedule that repeats each week is the solution.  When your child needs you, clean up anything that you might not want them to get into like cleaning products.  You will be cleaning that same space a week from now.  The next week, start where you left off on your checklist.  Chances are that if you have kept up with the schedule, it is clean enough to skip a task or two.  You have to remember to give yourself grace.  Are you going to be able to clean everything every week?  Probably not.  But, if you stay consistent and complete as much as you can, your home will be much cleaner and it will be easier to keep clean.

Amazing stay at home mom housekeeping schedule. Create a one of a kind cleaning schedule for your home


How to create a cleaning schedule for busy moms

Now that we know what a cleaning schedule is, why it is important, and how it will save time and brain power.  Let’s talk about how to create the schedule and how to use it to maintain a clean home.  We start by using what I like to call zones or a grouping of areas.  Then, create a list of every task for that zone.  Another important thing to have are a few tasks you repeat every day.  These are also referred to as routines

  • Make a list of the rooms/areas in your house

  • Make a list of all of the rooms and areas in your home.  This should include entryways and hallways as well as any space in your home that needs cleaning attention.
  • List all cleaning tasks under each room/area

    For each room or area, list all of the possible cleaning tasks for that space.  Include things that are not done all the time such as dusting the walls (I use a Swiffer duster and no more cobwebs), dusting the blinds, or wiping the cabinets.  These things will now be on your weekly cleaning list so that the dirt will never become unmanageable.

    TIP: Put a star next to the tasks you can do with the kids around.  Focus on the rest during nap time or when someone else is watching them.

  • Create Zones

    Assign each room or area a zone number (1 – 7).  The purpose of the zone numbers are to group rooms or areas that are in the same location.  For example, the master bedroom and master bathroom are in the same zone because they are located right next to each other.  This helps tremendously when also watching the children because it will keep both the little ones and you in one area.  You won’t be running around cleaning all of the bathrooms in different areas of the house having to move the kids to each location.

  • Assign a day to each zone

    Now that you have all of your zones, assign each one to a day of the week.  Keep your schedule in mind while doing this.  If every Tuesday your schedule is full of running to practices or activities, don’t schedule a zone with a lot of tasks.  Use that day to clean a zone with the smallest amount of tasks.

    It is also helpful to keep in mind your cleaning schedule is not set in stone.  Things are constantly changing in our lives and if you find you are missing the same tasks every week, it would probably benefit you to change your schedule.  Evaluating your schedule frequently and making changes where things are not working will help in keeping and maintaining a clean home.

  • List rooms to clean under each day

    Under each day of your cleaning schedule, list the rooms and areas for the zone assigned to that day.  For example, if the master bedroom and master bathroom were under zone #1, and zone #1 was assigned to Sunday, list the master bedroom and master bathroom under Sunday.  Not listing all the tasks for each room/area, will allow more flexibility if you need to change your zone day.  You will only need to re-write the rooms under each day of the week.

Create Daily Routines

A routine is a list of tasks that repeat each day.  These daily tasks will help maintain a clean space for frequently used areas of your home.  I include things like wiping the kitchen table and counters, picking up the kitchen clutter (usually mail), washing the dishes, putting away the clean dishes, and picking up the toy room.  Doing these each day allows me to maintain the high traffic areas of our house.


Dealing with Seasonal Cleaning

You have your list and everything is going great until you realize it is springtime and you need to clean the outside of your windows, clean the garage, and a hundred other tasks you only do once a year.  That is ok!  Take a look at your cleaning schedule.  Maybe there are a few tasks you could skip one week and a few others you could skip another week.  Your goal during this seasonal time should be to schedule in these tasks where you can.  Since you have been maintaining a clean home, you can take the time you need to focus on the seasonal tasks.  Once you are done, you can get back to your regularly scheduled cleaning routine.

DIY products or store bought products

I personally use a mix of DIY products and store-bought products.  For cleaning things like the bathroom, I like to use Lysol wipes, but for cleaning my kitchen counters, I use a DIY multi-purpose cleaner.  All of the DIY cleaning recipes I use, I got from Melissa Maker at Clean My Space.  She has a lot of amazing tips and hacks on cleaning.  She also has some great videos on YouTube for an array of cleaning issues.

Create The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule for Your House

This workbook will walk you through the process of creating your ULTIMATE CLEANING SCHEDULE!  At the end of the workbook, you will have a dynamically generated printable cleaning schedule that is customized to your home and cleaning needs.

Create a unique printable cleaning schedule. Perfect for busy moms.

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The Ultimate household cleaning schedule for SAHMs
Create a weekly cleaning schedule by room. Great for busy moms with little ones.
Create a unique weekly cleaning schedule. Life-changing schedule to keep your whole house clean.
Moms with little ones can't clean all the bathrooms the same day. There is a better cleaning schedule for you.

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