How to Create an Easy Happy Father’s Day Card

DIY Fathers day cards

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The first card was inspired by the book “Daddy Hugs” by Karen Katz. It is a very sweet book with 10 different types of Daddy hugs. I love watching my little girl dance on her daddy’s feet which is what inspired me to create this sweet card.  It is easy to make and is sure to melt Daddy’s heart!


The second card was inspired by the book “Thank you God for Daddy” by Amy Parker. This book is super cute with a daddy lion and a baby lion.  We love reading this book at bedtime.  One of the pages has both the daddy lion and baby lion wearing superhero capes.  This page was the inspiration for my fun Father’s Day card.

Free printable fathers day cards

Supplies for both Father's Day cards

Father's Day Card Printable!

Directions to create the first Father's Day card

  1. Fold the card in half making sure to keep the words on the front.
  2. Have your child color the the front of the card(s) as well as the “Happy Father’s Day” page(s)Free printable Father's day card
  3. Have your child put double sided tape on the back of the “Father’s Day Page”
  4. Help your child place the “Father’s Day Page” inside the card and stick down
  5. Help your child fold washi tape over the edges of the card to hold the “Happy Father’s Day” page in place and decorate.Father's Day Super Hero Card
  6. Finally, sign and date the inside
Dad card ideas

I hope you and your child found these cards fun and easy.  Below are some more cute daddy books to inspire your creativity!

Other great books about Daddies

Does your child have a favorite book about daddies?  Please leave the title in the comments.

Father's Day Card Printable!

kids can make a card for dad
Create two sweet cards for a Happy Father's Day. Free printable includes a Superhero template card and a Dancing on Daddy's select card.
Two cute Happy Father's Day cards. Easy to make with a printable template.
Free printable Father's Day card template ideas. Great for preschoolers and toddlers.

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