How To Create A Mess Free Obstacle Course With Exercise

Need a quick and easy activity for your toddler or preschooler? Try this easy indoor obstacle course to burn some energy. BONUS, it is mess free!

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Create an easy indoor obstacle course toddler activity to burn extra energy at home

Have you ever questioned where all of that toddler energy is coming from?  More importantly, how do you get them to burn through all of that energy??  My toddler loves to build and go through obstacle courses and I thought, by incorporating exercises, it would be a perfect way to burn off that extra energy!

Easy indoor summer preschool and toddler activities.  Great for burning off energy at home.

Creating an obstacle course for your child does not need to take over the entire house or be difficult, messy, and time-consuming.  This obstacle course uses exercise moves which will get your kids up and moving letting them burn off the extra energy.  It is a great indoor activity for toddlers or preschoolers who have yet started to read.  These exercise cards make it easy for your child to follow the directions and complete exercises using pictures.

Amazing toddler activities to do at home.  Easy to set up!  Great for a fast indoor activity.

The things you will need to create an exercise obstacle course

How to create your exercise obstacle course

  1. Print the exercise sheetrainy day activities for toddlers
  2. Cut the exercise sheets into cardsindoor toddler activities
  3. Show and explain each card to your child.Indoor activities for kids
  4. Lay the exercise cards on the ground – this can be done in a line, circle, or in different parts of the room to form an obstacle course.toddler activities for rainy days
  5. Create a starting line and a path to follow.toddler activities to burn energy at home
  6. Use a timer or stopwatch for extra fun and to encourage competitiveness.
  7. Change the order of the cards every 5 – 10 rounds to keep it interesting.

Need a rainy day activity your kids can do indoors and still burn off some energy?  Try this easy exercise obstacle course and Bingo game.

Other indoor activities using the exercise cards

  1. Exercise bingo (included with this Free printable)
    1. Draw a card out of a hat and match the picture to your Bingo card.
    2. Take turns drawing cards and completing the move shown on the card for some mommy exercise!
  2. Mirror
    1. Take turns drawing cards.  
    2. The one who picked the card has to show the move on the card using his/her body.  
    3. Then the other players have to try to mirror that move.
  3. Simon Says / Memorization
    1. Take turns drawing 4 – 6 cards.
    2. Place the cards in the order they were drawn.
    3. Show the moves 3 times while looking at the cards.
    4. Take the cards away and see how many exercises each player remembers.

Can you or your child think of any other ways to use these cards?  Please leave me a comment below.

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Fun toddler and preschool indoor obstacle course.  Easy to set up and mess free!  Includes FREE PRINTABLES!!!!

Indoor Obstacle course for toddlers and preschoolers at home. Fun, easy, and perfect for rainy days!
Create an easy no mess obstacle course. Use this FREE PRINTABLE to help your kids burn off their energy at home. #rainydayactivity
Download now and save for a rainy day. Great indoor activity to get your kids moving.

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