Footprint Christmas Lights Craft

Simple, cheap, and no mess Christmas craft for Toddlers

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Easy and Cute Toddler Footprint Christmas Lights

This is an easy, footprint, Christmas craft with very little mess.  My toddler likes to get her hands and feet traced, so she really enjoyed this.  If I can remember, I would love to have a new foot print done each year.  That way, we can look at the string and see the size difference from year to year.  How sweet!!!  If you are not afraid of a bit of a bigger mess, you could also do this using different colored paint for the footprints.

Simple, cheap, and no mess Christmas craft for Toddlers

The things you need

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

How to make footprint Christmas lights

1.Using different colored construction paper trace your child’s feet with the pen pencil or crayon.  To do this, I lined up all the paper we wanted to use and had my toddler move from one to the next while I traced her feet.

Simple Christmas craft for kidsEasy footprint Christmas Craft

2. Using black construction cut into small rectangles or have your child rip small rectangles for the plug part of the Christmas light.  I choose to cut the rectangles because to speed things up a bit. Easy Christmas Craft for Toddlers

3. Cut the footprints out of the construction paper.  I cut the footprints out because my toddler doesn’t know how to use scissors yet.

Christmas Craft

4. glue or tape the black construction paper rectangle on the heel part of the foot print.  For this, I got a piece of tape off and gave it to my toddler to use.  I then held the black rectangle on top of the footprint so she could tape it.Toddler DIY Christmas Decorations

5. Use the clothespins to hang the footprint Christmas lights on the string.  I like to hand any decoration like this with command hooks, so I don’t have holes in the walls.

Fine Motor Skill Craft for Toddler

YAY!  You now have a cute DIY decoration that your child helped you with.  This craft is not very messy and shouldn’t take that long if you can get your child to sit still long enough to outline their feet.  If you can only get your child to sit still for 1 tracing use it as a guide to cut out other Christmas light footprints.  This might also make a great gift for grandparents.  Just take a “light” and add it to the front of a piece of construction paper folded in half.  On the inside you can write a cute saying that involves lights.  “You light my life”, “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine”, etc.

Take a look at this easy ornament made with crayon shavings!

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