How to Make a Simple Fast Fish Craft Activity for Kids

Fun and easy indoor fishing activity for kids! Use those plastic Easter eggs again!

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Easy Indoor Fishing Activity for Kids Using Magnets and Easter Eggs

My toddler was watching a TV show while I was feeding the baby one day.  On the show, they went fishing so, of course, my toddler wanted to fish too.  She asked, “Mommy, can I please fish?”  I knew I had to try my best to think of a fish craft because who could say no to that adorable face and those polite manners?!  I thought about it for a few minutes while I finished feeding the baby and this is what I came up with.

Rainy Summer Day? Try this incredibly easy fish craft for kids.  
I did want to cut anything out or sew anything (even though I think those fishing sets you see people make are super cute).  No, I needed a quick and easy way to make a magnetic fishing pole and fish.  We still had our Easter eggs out and some of them are shaped like fish.  Also, I knew I had some magnets from a home project we recently completed.  Perfect!!!  

Next, I needed a fishing pole.  The Swiffer duster was still out and my toddler likes to play with it so it was a perfect match.

I also needed a string that would hold the magnet for the fishing pole.  I also didn’t want the toddler or baby to be able to take the magnet out.  So I found a thick ribbon and packing tape

The last thing I needed was something small and metal to put inside the eggs. Binder Rings stored in my organizing box next to the magnets!  YES!  I had all of the pieces and now I had to put them together.


This super easy and simple activity/craft can be put together in less than 15 minutes.  It is great for rainy summer days or when you need to come inside from the summer sun for a while.


Here are the directions and the supplies list if you would like to print it out.


Fish Craft Supplies

Fish Craft Supplies
  1. Plastic Easter eggs*
  2. Binder rings **
  3. A stick (I used an extra duster)
  4. Ribbon (1-½” wide or enough to cover the magnet)
  5. Magnet **
  6. Packing tape or a glue gun

*I looked for the eggs I used and I can’t find them anywhere.  These eggs are the closest I could find or you can use normal plain Easter eggs.

**Please always be careful with kids and small objects!  DO NOT leave them alone with them. (see full disclosure)

Use this easy fish craft to teach your child colors, letters, numbers, or animals! So easy to create and so much fun to use to teach!

Steps to create

  1. Open and place the binder rings inside the plastic eggs, then close eggs. (Your child might enjoy helping with this)Rings inside eggs
  2. For extra piece of mind, tape the eggs closed.  (Optional)
  3. Place the magnet on the ribbon about 2 – 3 inches from one endmagnet on ribbon
  4. Fold the ribbon overfold ribbon over
  5. Use the packing tape (or your glue gun) to secure the magnet inside the ribbonTape the ribbon to finish
  6. Tie the non-magnet side of the ribbon to the stickTie ribbon to the stick
TA-DA!!!  You are done and your child will have lots of fun with the magnet fishing pole. Fun fish craft

Use this fish craft to teach

This fish craft would also be a great tool to teach.  Some of the things you can teach are:

  1. Colors – have your child “fish” for the color you call out.
  2. Animals – if you are using eggs that resemble animals, you can have your child “fish” for the animal you call out.  If you have plan eggs, you can place animal stickers on the eggs.
  3. Letters – using plan eggs and a permanent marker, write the letters of the alphabet on the eggs.  Next, have your child “fish” for the letter you call out.  (You can do this with both upper and lower case letters)
  4. Sight words – using plan eggs and a permanent marker, write the sight words on the eggs.  Next, have your child “fish” for the word you call out.
I hope you like this craft/activity.  It is super simple and even reuses the Easter eggs you have in your house.  You may want to save this one for when you have a rainy day or need a quick indoor activity.
Toddler bouncing off the walls on a rainy day? Make an indoor fishing activity in no time! BONUS! Recuse your Easter eggs.
Please let me know what you think and if your child enjoys.

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Get a second use from those Eater eggs! Create a super easy indoor activity!

Indoor activity fun! Teach your child about amazing magnets and colors!
Easy, Fun, and Fast!!! Great indoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers.
Teach your child colors with this indoor activity! Includes using fun magnets, Easter eggs, and binder rings!

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