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Family Handprint Craft

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Easy Christmas Craft for the Whole Family

This is a great family Christmas craft that involves everyone getting a little bit messy.  We created ours with my husband’s handprints on the bottom leading up to our little sweet pea’s handprints on the very top.  It was a bit of a struggle to get our 6-month-old to hold her hand out and her handprints didn’t turn out very well, but it was still a fun exercise.  Our toddler likes to play in the paint just for a second before she wanted her hands wiped off.  Most kids love getting their hands dirty and messy, but our little peanut likes to be clean.  So funny!

Easy Christmas Craft for the Family

The things you will need

  • Finger paint – we only used the green for this craft
  • Paper plate or an extra piece of paper – use to put the green paint on and dip hands
  • Yellow construction paper – to create a star for the tree
  • Brown construction paper – to create the tree trunk
  • Tape or a glue stick – to attach the tree trunk and star
  • Finger paint paper or paper to put your handprints on – the kit that we bought that included paper and finger paints
  • Your family with their hands – we only used one hand, instead of getting both hands messy


How to make your family handprint Christmas tree


  1. Put green paint on a paper plate to dip your hands inEasy Family Christmas Craft.
  2. Be sure to place your palm in the center of the paper and your fingers pointing out to the sides.Easy Family Christmas Craft
  3. Rotate your hand aligning your palm to the middle of the paper and place your handprint down. The palm part of your second print should be right next to or slightly overlap the palm of your first handprint
    Easy Family Christmas Craft
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 placing the largest hands on the bottom moving up to the smallest hands on the top. This forms a handprint Christmas tree.
    Easy Family Christmas Craft.Easy Family Christmas Craft.
  5. While your tree is drying, trace your toddler’s foot on the brown construction paper and cut along the lines you drew.
    Easy Family Christmas Craft
  6. To create a star out of the yellow construction paper
    • Fold a piece of yellow construction paper in half
    • Draw half of the star along the fold crease
    • Cut along the lines you drew Easy Family Christmas Craft
  7. Once your handprints have had time to dry, your toddler can help you tape or glue the trunk and the star to the tree. Easy Family Christmas Craft.

If you want to take it to the next level

  1. Make an angel using white and yellow construction paper.
      • Cut a triangle using the white construction paper.
      • Fold the yellow construction paper in half and trace your child’s hands.  Alternatively, you can trace both hands if your child will sit still long enough!
      • Attach the wings to the angel and the angel to the tree.
  2. Create ornaments
      • Choose different colored paints.
      • Dip your finger in a chosen paint color and place on the tree.
      • These can be placed all over the tree using assorted colors.  If you don’t want to wait for the paint to dry or get messy again using the finger paint, you could use small pieces of colored construction paper that your child can tape or glue onto the tree.
  3. Footprint tree trunk
    • Use your child’s foot dipped in paint to create the tree trunk

If you want to take the mess down a notch

Instead of using paint, use construction paper.  First, fold a green piece of construction paper in half. Second, trace your hand with the palm being at the fold of the paper.  Next, cut out your hand prints along the lines you drew.  Lastly, tape onto the paper.


SO CUTE!!  I love this family Christmas craft!  It gets everyone involved and is so adorable.  It is a little messy or you can opt for the mess free version.  Make it work for you and your family.

Easy Christmas Craft
Easy Fun Family Christmas Craft
Easy Handprint Christmas Craft
Easy Family Christmas Craft

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