How to Make an Easy Christmas Angel Ornament Craft with Your Kids

Looking for a fun Christmas craft to entertain your kids this holiday season? This is a super cute angel with wings that move. Making this craft is a perfect idea for a homemade Christmas gift for the grandparents. Using a pipe cleaner, a FREE PRINTABLE template, and a few other supplies your kids can make an angel ornament. Easy enough for a toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener to make with a little supervision. #DIYChristmasOrnaments #HolidayCraftsChristmasKids #PreschoolChristmasCrafts

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This cute Christmas angel ornament is easy to make and only requires a few supplies.  A Christmas angel will be a perfect addition to your tree or a great gift for the loved ones in your child’s lives.  

Christmas Angel Ornament Craft

Making this cute little Christmas angel ornament is a great way to spend some time with your children during such a busy time of year.  These adorable angels are easy to make and they even flap their wings!

Make an ornament extra special by writing your child’s name, age, and date on the back.  Even better if you write a little message too!

Tip: If you are making these Christmas angel ornaments as gifts, don’t forget to make one for your child to play with too. The one we made didn’t seem to make it to the gift phase as it was promptly added to the toy inventory by little Ms. Silly Pants!  We are going to make another one so we can give it out as a gift.

Make an adorable homemade angel ornament with your kids. These DIY ornaments would also make a great gift to give to the grandparents or loved ones in your kid's life. This is a fun simple way to entertain your child this Christmas season. Using a pipe cleaner, the FREE PRINTABLE template and a few other supplies, your child can make an angel ornament to play with or give as a gift. This DIY kids Christmas craft will take 15 minutes or less to make. #AngelChristmasOrnament #EasyAngelChristmas

Supplies for the Christmas Angle Ornament Craft

Supplies to make a Christmas Angel Ornament

Directions to Make the Christmas Angel Ornament

    1. Cut out the circle template
    2. Have your child color the angel head
    3. Cut out the angel head and the wings
    4. Fold the circle in half
    5. Fold the circle in half again
    6. Cut along the second fold to make the bodyCut on second fold
    7. Cut the pipe cleaner in half
    8. Make a loop with one piece of pipe cleaner and twist the ends together
    9. Cut the second piece of pipe cleaner in halfCut the pipe cleaner
    10. Bend one of the small pipe cleaner pieces slightly in the middleBend Pipe cleaner in the middle
    11. Using the gift tape, help your child attach this pipe cleaner to the angel wings
    12. Twist one end of the other small pipe cleaner pieces around that bend
    13. Have your child attach the head of the angel to the front of one of the body pieces
    14. Have your child attach the pipe cleaner loop to the back of the angel’s headAttach the angel head and the loop
    15. Assemble the angel in the following order
      • Body back
      • Wings
      • Body front with head
    16. Help your child tape the bottom corners of the angel’s body together and to the back of the headTape Christmas Angel Ornament together
    17. Write your child’s name, age, date, and a message (optional)
    18. Pull the pipe cleaner to make the angel’s wings flapFinished Angel ornament

I hope you and your kids have fun making these cute Christmas angel ornaments.  They are fun to make and fun to play with!  

Be sure to send me your pictures and let me know how much your kids like the angel.

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Need a fun and simple way to entertain your child this Christmas season? Using a pipe cleaner, the FREE PRINTABLE template and a few other supplies, your child can make an angel ornament to play with or give as a gift. This DIY kids Christmas craft is quick and makes an adorable homemade Christmas gift. This would also be an amazing party craft for kids to do. Best of all, it is a low-mess craft. #AngelChristmasOrnament #EasyChristmasAngelOrnament #WinterChristmasCraftsforKids

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