5 Toddler Approved Easy Back to School Crafts and Activities

Back to School Crafts and activities

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What better way to get your toddler or preschooler thinking about school than some back to school teamed crafts and activities?  I have created 5 in a “Back to School” fun pack.

5 Back to School Crafts and Activities

  • Back to school time run game, 
  • Coloring pages,
  • Classroom look and find, 
  • School bus puzzle and 
  • Mosaic backpack art project.

Each of these crafts and activities will get your child thinking about going back to school in a fun and entertaining way.  All of the activities are easy to set up, will provide you with some low supervision time with your little one, and create little to no mess!

Shopping List for the Entire Fun Pack

  1. Scissors
  2. 2 sheets of different color tissue paper
  3. A timer (I used my phone)
  4. Crayons
  5. Double-sided tape or glue
  6. Something to laminate your cards and puzzle (Optional)

How to prepare for all the crafts and activities

  1. Cut Out
    1. The time run cards
    2. Puzzle pieces
    3. Tissue paper squares
  2. Laminate the cards and puzzle pieces (optional)
  3. Gather glue or double-sided tape and crayons
  4. When your child is ready for a fun activity, you have everything ready
Easy back to school crafts and activities for preschool and toddlers

Back to school time run

The first activity is to get your child moving and moving fast. This will help get prepared for those early mornings when everyone is running around looking for things. Using a timer and the cards, help your child gather all the school supply cards as fast as they can.

This back to school time run is simple to set up and play.  It is great for keeping your child entertained while you make dinner, take a phone call, or you just need a minute of fun.  

The things you will need for the time run

  1. A timer (I have used the one on my phone)
  2. The cards in the back to school fun pack (Download now for FREE)

How to play

  1. Cut out the cards for the time run  – NOTE: There are “parent cards”, “child 1 cards”, and “child 2 cards”
  2. Place one or both of the “child cards” across the room on a table or on the floor.
  3. There are 3 difficulty levels.  In all levels, the child will get one card at a time and the timer will stop when all of the cards are brought back to you.
    1. You will call out one card at a time and your child needs to run and get that card before another is called out.
    2. Lay the “parent cards” in the order they will need to be retrieved.  Your child will need to match the order you laid out with his/her cards.
    3. Place the child’s cards face down like a memorization game.  Your child will need to try to remember where each card is to get the fastest time.
  4. One child can race against another trying to get the best time or one child can race against his/her own time.
Simple back to school crafts and activities for your toddler or preschooler. Get them thinking about going back.

Back to School Coloring Pages

What toddler or preschooler doesn’t love a fun coloring page? Included are 6 different coloring sheets for your child.  The coloring sheets include school supplies and a classic school bus.  The lines of each are thick which seem to help my toddler stay inside of the lines a little better.

Back to School Coloring Pages

Classroom Look and Find Activity

My daughter loves the “look and find” books where you try to spot certain items in a picture.   This “look and find” activity has 8 different items to find in a classroom. A few are a bit more challenging to find and most are a bit easier to find.  These “look and finds” are a great activity for your child with very little or no supervision necessary. 

Back to school Look and Find

School Bus Puzzle

Whenever my toddler sees a school bus she gets super excited!  She wants to go for a ride and go to school with her bunny backpack.  However, she is not old enough to go to school.  To keep her excited about school buses, I created a school bus puzzle!  This puzzle is relatively easy with only 4 pieces.  You will need to cut the pieces out for your child but after that, your child will be able to complete the puzzle with little to no help from you.  It is very easy and entertaining!

School Bus Puzzle for Toddlers

TIP: laminate the pieces using contact paper, a laminating machine, or clear packaging tape.  This will ensure your child will be able to use it more than once.  

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Backpack Mosaic

This cute backpack mosaic craft does require more supervision.  However, It is simple to set up and great for fine motor skills.  

The things you will need for the backpack mosaic

  1. 2 different pieces colored tissue paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue or double-sided tape
  4. The backpack page included with the back to school printable pack (Download everything here)


  1. Cut your tissue paper into about ½- inch squares
  2. Next, have your child place a line of glue or double-sided tape on the backpack.
  3. Have your child place squares of paper on the glue/tape until the line is all covered.
  4. Finally, have your child repeat steps 2 and 3 until the backpack is covered.
  5. Ta-da!  You now have a fun piece of artwork for your fridge!

I hope these back to school crafts and activities allow you and your child to enjoy some quality time together before the crazy school year starts.  These 5 crafts and activates will help your child start thinking about back to school in a fun and entertaining way.  Using different kinds of crafts and activities will help entertain your child for longer.

What is your favorite craft or activity in the “back to school” fun pack? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Back to school crafts and activities FREE PRINTABLE! Includes 5 simple back to school themed crafts and activates.
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