How to Make a Dog Themed Lift-the-Flap Book

Dog Themed lift-the-flap book

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Make a cute dog-themed lift-the-flap book with your child.

Are you looking for an awesome book to make with your toddler or preschooler?  Whether you are looking for a dog craft to celebrate national dog day, international dog day, or you just want to make a cute book with your child, this lift-the-flap book is cute and simple.  You and your child will be able to create a book with fun dog facts and your child’s own artistic expression. You will also be able to make memories not only making the book but also reading it together.

Both my girls love the “flip-up” or “lift the flap” type of books.  I don’t know if it is just the act of lifting the flap or the surprise of what is underneath, but they both really enjoy reading them.  They both also love dogs so I thought why not combine these two things and make some memories in the process!  

Although my youngest doesn’t really have the skills to color or glue/tape yet, my toddler will gladly handle it for her baby sister. Once complete, we can all read the book together.


Dog Themed lift-the-flap book Idea Supplies

Special Notes

With only six supplies, your child, and some free, creative time, you can make this book and have fun in the process.  The two most challenging parts of creating this book is lining up the pages while you stick them together and attaching all of the washi tape, but we will go over that step-by-step.  

You may be asking yourself, “What is washi tape?”

Washi is a traditional Japanese paper.  Washi tape is similar to painter’s tape decorated with patterns and colors.  It is really easy to work with because it tears so easily and can be repositioned without ripping the paper.  You can pick up washi tape at any local crafts store (Hobby Lobby Coupon here), Target or on Amazon.  When choosing a washi tape, look for one has a random-looking pattern.  This will make it easier to combine pieces without it being too noticeable if it’s not precisely lined up.

Warning: Once your kids try it, they may use it on everything!

How to make a Lift the flap book

Dog Themed Lift-the-Flap Book Supplies

Directions for the Cute the Dog Themed Lift-the-Flap Book

Directions for decorating and the flaps

  1. Print the pages for the book found here on printer paper or a heavier duty paper such as bond paper.

    Make an easy dog book with your kids

  2. Print the cover of the book onto white card stock paper.
  3. Your child can color all of the pages of the book and even the cover.
  4. Have your child match the shapes at the bottom-left edge of each page pictured below.  You should have 8 sets of pages.
    Match the shapes for an easy dog craft
  5. Be sure to place the page in each set with the question on top.
  6. Fold each set of pages in half like a book with the words facing together.Fold sets in half
  7. For each of the TOP pages, cut along the fold until you reach the horizontal line.  (About halfway up)Cut to make the flip up book

Directions for attaching the pages together

  1. While keeping the pages together, help your child lift the right side of the top page and place glue/tape, then stick the right sides together.Tape the set of pages together
  2. Repeat this for the left side Making sure NOT to glue the picture part of the pageTape the set of pages together
  3. Repeat for the remaining pages. 
  4. To combine page set one with page set two, have your child glue or tape the back of page set one.  (The first page will be glued at the end to the cover)
    Tape the page sets together
  5. Help your child stick the first page set to the second page set making sure the folds are all lined up and on the same side (you don’t want a book you cannot open).
  6. Add the third set of pages by gluing the back of set two and sticking it to set three.
  7. Repeat until all the page sets are stuck together.
  8. Place the pages inside the cover and fold the cover around the pages.
  9. While keeping the pages in the cover, lift the front and have your child cover with glue/tape Attach the two pages together
  10. Help stick the cover to the pages
  11. Repeat with the back coverTape back cover on
  12. On each page, fold up the flap where the grey line is
How to make a paper book without staples

Directions for the finishing touches

  1. To polish the edges, use washi tapeAdd Washi Tape to the edges
  2. Place a piece of washi tape on the edge of the page leaving enough of the tape to be folded overMake sure to not use washi tape on the flap
  3. Have your child wrap it around the edge of the page
  4. Repete on all the edges EXCEPT for the flap that needs to be lifted up
  5. Ta-da!!!!  You and your child have made a cute dog themed lift-the-flap book and hopefully some fun memories in the process.

Helping your child make a “flip-up” book can be fun and easy. You not only make an adorable one of a kind book with your child but you can also enjoy some quality time spent together.

What is your child’s favorite dog fact in this cute lift-the-flap book?
Does your child have another favorite animal you would like to see more crafts made with?

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