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Unique, Easy, and Fast DIY Gift Bow

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DIY Tape Gift Bow

Easy Fast DIY Gift Bow

One year, someone give us some cute Mario themed duct tape.  What a sweet gift, but I couldn’t think of a way to use it.  I wanted to figure out a way to wrap a present using the duct tape.  So I came up with a DIY tape gift bow which, in my opinion, is really cute!  We liked it so much we took it off the present after unwrapping and put it on a picture frame for decoration.  This bow was very easy to make and with no mess.  You can not only make this bow with pattern duct tape, but also with washi tape or even painters tape.  If you are giving a housewarming gift, make the bow using painters tape and add it to a Home Depot gift card or maybe with a gift basket filled with home improvement items.

The supplies you need


How to create a DIY tape gift bow


  1. Cut a long strip of tape and place it on the table sticky side up to help form the bow loop.Uses for duct tape
  2. Cut a smaller strip of tape about an inch shorter and place it with the sticky side on top of the first piece of tape.  Leave a small amount of sticky exposed on one side of the larger piece of tape.
  3. Fold the tape over placing half the sticky piece on the other side of the tape and the other half still exposed. The exposed sticky part will help the bow stick to the present you are wrapping.  These will create the loops of the bow.Make a bow using tape
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 placing each loop of the same size next to each other forming a circle.
  5. Next, repeat steps 1 – 3 using slightly smaller pieces of tape to create the bow loops.
  6. Place the smaller loops on the larger circle that was just created.  This will form a slightly smaller circle on top of the larger circle.
  7. Continue making circles that decrease in size until you get to the middle of the bow.Make a DIY gift bow
  8. To create the center of the bow, use a small amount of duct tape rolled into cylinders.  Make the cylinder the same way you have made all the other bow loop pieces and place it in the middle.Make your own gift bow

TAD-AH!! You have a one of a kind DIY tape gift bow!!!

Duct tape bow

This bow makes any wrapping truly unique and can be customized to the person you are giving the gift to. I find the best way to use this is with plain wrapping paper you can find at the Dollar Tree.  I use brown wrapping paper that looks like a brown paper bag and add this unique bow to make it look beautiful!  It can also be placed on a solid color gift bag to create an extra unique gift bag.

If you are doing this with a child, I would recommend using washi tape or masking tape. These types of tape are a little less sticky than duct tape.  I wouldn’t want to clean up the sticky from tables, chairs, or the floor.

Do you like this craft?  Can you think of any other creative ways to use these bows?

If you would like to see other creative ways to use tape and other crafts supplies take a look at this  Kid Craft Supplies and Ideas for How to Use Them.

Make a gift bow using tape
Easy DIY gift bow
Fast DIY Gift Bow
DIY tape gift bow

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