Kid Craft Supplies and Ideas for How to Use Them

Kid Craft Supplies and uses

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Amazing Kid Craft Supplies

Overwhelmed by all the kid craft supplies and ideas out there?  Overwhelmed by all the kid craft supplies in your house?  Are you not even sure how to use the supplies you have, so they just keep sitting there taking up space?  I have made a list of my top 5 favorite and versatile kid craft supplies and ideas on how to use them.

Kid Craft Supplies with ways to use them

  1. Construction paperConstruction paper pack Kid Craft

    A big pack of multi-colored paper is an essential kid craft supply.  There are so many uses and craft ideas for such a basic supply.  I purchased this ream because I felt it was the best price per page.  Here are some ideas for construction paper:

    1. Cut into different shapes

      • The construction paper can be cut into different shapes by you or your child.
      • Tape the shape on a different color paper to make a beautiful piece of art or a card for someone special.
      • Use the construction paper to make hand print or foot print art. Trace your child’s hand or foot and cut it out.  Don’t forget to write the year on it for a keepsake.  You can make a heart hand print, ghost footprints, a turkey, etc.
    2. Make a book

      Fold the a few pieces of construction paper in half.  Staple as close to the fold as you can.  Your child can…

      • Color the cover and all the pages
      • Make up a story and illustrate it by coloring or using stickers  (see #4 stickers below)
      • Place the stickers into the book and tell a story based on the stickers they used
    3. Make a hat

      • Make a crown, pirate hat, princess hat, etc.
      • Decorate the different hats practicing shapes or colors
      • Have a “decorate your our hat” activity at a birthday party
  2. Tape

    1. Laminate

      • Use Packing tape to laminate small cards for practicing shapes or colors
      • Laminate your child’s work of art by placing strips of the tape on the art
      • Laminate DIY bingo games so they can be used again and again
    2. Make a game

      • Make a DIY Find it game with things they find at the park.  Pick up 2 similar objects (ex. 2 sticks, acorns, or leaves), tape one to a piece of construction paper, and put the other in a small plastic food storage container filled with rice.  Close the lid and shake it around.  Now your child can look for the items taped to the construction paper in the container.  You may also want to tape the lid shut so the rice doesn’t get everywhere!
    3. Make a gift bow using duct tape

      • Take a long piece of patterned duct tape and lay it down sticky side up.  Next, take a smaller piece of tape (about an inch smaller) and place on the longer piece sticky side together leaving about half an inch on the ends showing the sticky side.  Have your child place the sticky parts on top of each other leaving a small part of the sticky side exposed.  Place the sticky part on top of a gift.  This is your fist bow loop.  Repeat the above steps using similar sizes until you have a circle.  Next make a smaller circle using smaller bow loops and repeat until you get to the middle. For instructions with pictures, see this post.
  3. Crayons, markers, or colored pencilsMarkers, Crayons, and Colored Pencils Kid Crafts

    1. Decorate

    2. Create a chore chart

    3. Make a ornamentEasy Toddler Christmas Ornament

      • Use a sharpener to create crayon shavings.  Your child can pick all the colors they want.  Using a funnel or piece of paper, put the shavings into a clear plastic ornament.  Once all the shavings are in, use a hair dryer to melt the shavings to the sides of the ornament rotating until all the sides are covered.
  4. StickersKid Craft Puffy Stickers

    1. Decorations

    2. Tell a story

      • Using construction paper, make a book (see #1 Construction paper above).  Have your child create a story and illustrate it with stickers.  Or your child can place the stickers inside the book before creating a story
    3. Potty Training

      • Use stickers as motivation for potty training.  We used a foam core board and wrote “It’s Potty Time” at the top.  Every time our “Peanut” went potty, she would get either one sticker or two.  She liked to show off her sticker chart to people who came over and it really enforced potty training.
  5. String or yarnKid Craft Yarn Pack

    1. Use to hang the beautiful art work created by your child

      All you will need to do is poke or punch 2 holes in your child’s picture, put the string or yarn though the hole, tie a knot in the end, and repeat on the other side.

    2. Use to make a mask

      Create and cut a mask using construction paper, punch or poke a hole in each side, put the string or yarn though the hole, tie a knot in the end, and repeat on the other side.

    3. Use as part of a construction paper hat

      • The yarn or string can be use as a chin strap to keep the hat on your child’s head.
      • The yarn or string can also use it to attach “hair” to a hat your child made.  Yarn or string, if you look closely, usually has a few smaller pieces spun together that make up the larger piece.  If you pull the smaller pieces apart, you can use packing tape to tape the “hair” to the inside of a construction paper hat.  Make sure all the sticky parts of the tape are stuck down really well.  You don’t want your child’s hair getting caught in the tape.
Supplies for Kids and ways to use them
Kid Craft Supplies and Ways to Use Them
Arts and Craft Supplies for Kids and Ways to Use Them
Kid Craft Supplies and How to Use Them

Always stick close to your child when doing crafts.  Please be careful with anything that goes on your child’s head.

Which one of these kid craft supplies or ideas do you like or dislike?  Can you think of any other ways to use these craft supplies?  Do you have another kid craft supply or idea?

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